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6 Pillars of GFC Philosophy


Food & Nutrition

Food and nutrition are the way that we get fuel and provide energy to our bodies. We need to replenish the supply of nutrients in our bodies on a day to day basis. Also our bodies require wide range of nutrients to keep ourselves healthy.


We at GFC help you understand what the right foods are, and how to incorporate both macro as well as micro nutrients as a part of our daily meals. 

Customized Workouts

Regular physical activity in the form of various exercises has immense benefits in improving our overall health both physical & mental. One size does not fit all, same applies for workouts as well.


We understand each body is different and so are the health challenges, so at GFC our coaches provide customised workouts to cater to people from various age groups, & various health challenges. 

    Stressed Man

    Stress Management

    While stress has become a part and parcel of our lives, dealing with it in the right way has become of paramount importance. Excessive stress can create a negative impact on our overall health and well-being.


    We at GFC explain you and help you practise various stress management techniques which can be incorporated in your daily lifestyle with simple yet effective habits. These habits help to tackle stress without impactng our health. 

    Restful Sleep

    Sleep is the least-known pillar of a healthy life, but a critical one nonetheless. It’s the foundation for any wellness journey. Countless studies have established that a good night’s rest is paramount to one’s well-being. It keeps the immune system strong and helps prevent several diseases including depression, heart disease, obesity and hypertension.

    We at GFC help you understand and further prac+se certain sleep habits which not only improve the sleep quality but also promote faster recovery from lifestyle diseases. 

      Sleeping Baby
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      Toxin Free Environment

      Living in a toxin free environment is all about making conscious decisions to reduce the toxins we consume, it also means actively choosing products and lifestyles that minimize exposure to harmful toxins and strive for creating a clean living environment for both personal health and ecological well-being.

      We at GFC educate and guide you on how we can practise to make our environment toxin free by making conscious choices in our everyday products, by embracing organic and natural options and by creating a home environment free of toxins with non-toxic cookware, safe personal care items etc. 


      A sense of belonging is crucial to our life satisfaction, happiness, mental and physical health and even longevity. It gives us a sense of purpose and meaning.

      We at GFC truly treasure the sense of belongingness and are also inclusive towards helping our beneficiaries have a meaningful connectedness to our community where in they get to experience a family outside family. We also take multiple initiatives where our clients get to witness and learn about the various aspects of maintaining health and wellness. 

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